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For all the time I spent waiting for this…

…I sure am unprepared to actually say anything. xD

Basically, a few days ago I got my copy of Celestial Mirror: Volume 1 in the mail, and now it’s officially available for sale on IndyPlanet. I realize that none of the images are showing up, but I’ve contacted the Ka-Blam staff about this and they assure me the images will be uploaded within a couple days.

Speaking of contacting Ka-Blam staff, I had about a billion questions about the process of getting this book together, and they were amazingly helpful–and prompt–with their responses. Plus the book itself is really pretty. I’m really happy I chose to go through them, and if you’re thinking of printing anything of your own, you should consider using them too.

Anyway, the images aren’t super important–other than the cover, full-size versions of all the “teaser images” are available online, so you’re not missing any information about the actual book. But totally feel free to wait until all the information is available before ordering anything. Actually feel free not to order a copy at all.

I’m … really serious about that. Yes, the book includes some content that is not available online, but I really want to stress that Celestial Mirror is primarily intended to be a webcomic. However, I will make a profit each time someone buys a copy, so I thought it would be unfair to people who spent that extra money not to thank them somehow.

In case this will actually be helpful in deciding whether you want a copy or not, here is a list of things that are different between the print and web versions:

  • About 20 retoned pages. These include the entirety of the prologue, all of the covers (which I converted to tone rather than just reducing the colors to black and white), and a few miscellaneous pages whose full-resolution versions I somehow lost. For the most part the difference in appearance (barring colors of course) are minimal, but there you go.
  • Smaller versions of the front cover are posted in some places, mainly on IndyPlanet. Pieces of it are also visible on banners I use on Smackjeeves. A full-size version is not available online.
  • The back cover includes a full-color illustration of Toji and Lan, who were the most popular characters at the time I was first putting together the art for the book, as far as I could tell. This will not be available online in any form.
  • 12 pages of sketchy extras are at the end of the book. Actually, they’re mostly pages with a little pencil-sketch and a huge wall of (handwritten!) text. For the most part the information is available on the FYI section of the Smackjeeves site, but the actual sketches and text will be print-only.

Welp, this is probably the longest news post I’ll ever make. xD Let me know if you have any questions! You can comment here or on Smackjeeves, or send me a Smackjeeves PM if you have an account there.

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