November 12, 2010 Archive

Getting back in the swing of things :3

So I’m still in the middle of a busy semester, which has been preventing me from investing much energy in comics-making. I have had some time to consider a bit more carefully where the next few chapters are going, though. I hope that Celestial Mirror’s 9th chapter will reflect this. Also maybe over Winter Break I’ll be able to livestream a few times again…! I’ll post more details as that approaches. I liked livestreaming weekly, but I picked a bad time and ended up missing a few, and after that I forgot about it… D:

Anyway, I’ve been fiddling with my Webcomic Plugin problems and to get it right I’ll still need some time. Time I don’t exactly… have. I did add the Links page, which for right now just has a couple things. Feel free to offer suggestions for additions. The Smackjeeves CM page is linked there, as well as a link to the IndyPlanet page where you can buy CM Volume 1.

Other than that, the only updates are a couple of images added to the Sketches section of the Artwork page. Let me know what you think!

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